Inspirations Unfinished Furniture Gallery

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Inspirations Unfinished Furniture Gallery showcases solid wood: Pine, Maple, Parawood, Alder, Paulownia, Oak and more. We strive to give a unique, value-added shopping experience to each of our customers.

We have a mix of furniture and art to inspire you to decorate your home creatively. Shoppers at Inspirations UFG know that they are going to get real solid wood furniture at a reasonable price. We also feature furniture finished any way you would like it! Choose from any of our Inspired stained colors, or choose your own custom colored finish. Start with bare wood, to a complete custom creation for your home!

Visit the Inspirations Gallery to see a lot of inspired gifts and interesting decor.

The gallery showcases local artists and their works. We know their talents and creativity will inspire you.
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We promote creativity... Inspired Living for Inspired People.